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I submitted this suggested in-game but I thought I'd post it here for feedback from other players.

I think Wine Making could be an interesting skill to have in the game, especially since we already have grapes, barrels, and caves for fermenting available, so it seems like a natural possibility. As for what wine would do, I suppose it could be used to raise body heat at the expense of combat abilities, or perhaps to delay hunger but at the cost of fatigue.

Additionally, you could then add other kinds of liqueurs since there are plenty of other fruits in the game, although I wonder how similar this would become to Cheese Making.

On an irrelevant note, although I have only just started to delve into Kur, I thought it could be cool to have mirages in Ilmari if your dehydration gets too low. I suppose it'd work like this: go below some percentage, say 25%, and you start to see mirages. You can't tell what they are until you get close enough, and they can either be mobs or treasure. This entices the player to stay at a level just high enough above full dehydration, but low enough if they want to go for something extra.

I don't know if these ideas have much value, but would love to hear any feedback on the matter(s). Project Gorgon has been an incredibly fun game to play so far, and I highly admire the community it has fostered.
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Love them both! And really, we don't have wine yet? We do have vinegar! :D

I'd guess, at first sight, that the second might be not straightforward, because of optimizations needed. I imagine a bunch of players, all with their own hallucinations, wandering in Ilmari, along with the 'normal' mobs. That could be a lot of extra-mobs walking, and some only attack one player not all, and not all players see them... Dunno. I can't recall a clear example of phasing already in the game; e.g. I'm not sure if the 4 magical thingies you "light up" when you go in the right order on the newbie island, are seen as lit by the players around or not.
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You know why not take the skill a step further. Let the benefits of not just wine making but all alcohol brewing be a slightly increased resistance to poison. Then after consuming so much 'wine' you can learn the skill 'Sommelier' and gain beneficial knowledge of different wines and what benefits they bestow. Basically you become proficient at being a wine snob!
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