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After reading a lot about Kur and player "love" for it, I decided to test it ad-hoc. My toon was like 37/32 fire/druid, with no potions, no gear, nothing to protect herself, other than +1.5 sprint speed. (I have winter coat gifted by a guildie but don't use it yet).

So, fully unprepared. Lets see. B)

Run 1):
From Elti portal, got almost to Kur tower before dying of cold. Without campfires. That's half the map. I think that's fine. If an unprepared noobie can make half the way, it's not a too harsh environment. For running from a point to another, that is.

Run 2):
(Over/ab)using campfires, I made it from Eltibule portal to the NW outpost. Including getting lost on the way until a guildie instructed me where to find the outpost. I'm guessing one can make it with two campfires... if you know the way. Though I've used a lot, dunno, six-seven campfires or something.
This is fine, as long as you have *some* way against the cold and know the area a little.

Run 3):
Lamashu is almost impossible to see unless you're nearby, in other words you'd better know where she is. However, with only campfires, you can find your way even if you surely don't want to engage orcs. After you know where she is, you don't even need a fire from outpost.
From Syndra to the portal to Ilmari I didn't use a campfire, either; it works without anything. (except +1.5 sprint)

This all, though, is fine as long as you don't intend to stay and fight.

Run 4): "fighting"
Wanted to see fights, but for now, all I could do was to go attack something near the NW outpost, kill it, and run back to the outpost. Rinse and repeat. :P While I could theoretically engage other mobs, I wouldn't survive because the body heat loss puts me at 0 at the end of the fight. And that's the best case.

I understand that the loss of body heat used to stop during fights, but recent changes made it so that you now lose body heat in fights. I'd suggest to bring back the former behavior. At least, dramatically reduce the loss during fights.

This one seems way too penalizing for questing or hunting in the area. Even if I'm yet to test "being prepared" bit, I suspect fighting won't work too well because you still have to make fights much shorter, which for a 40ish level might not be possible, and which anyway, seems against the direction wanted for the fights. A longer fight kills you because of body heat loss.
(You can drop a campfire and fight near it if you're melee, it's more problematic if you're ranged and run around. Same for smoldering fires.)

Note: fire magic has a few spells which restore "slightly" body heat, like Flesh-to-fuel. However, they restore +1 to body heat, and have cooldowns like 20s, while you lose at a terrible rate. +1 at 20s doesn't seem to make any difference.
Again, for an "unprepared" toon. If with cold mitigation and higher heat pool you lose acceptably, I don't know yet.

I note that I was interested in what a toon around level 40 does, because its fights are likely not the same as a 60's. ;)

Random note:
- hidration in Ilmari goes down much, much slower. Why? Hidration is certainly an interesting mechanic, but if that's considered normal, then maybe it makes sense to make Kur somewhat at a closer level of "unfriendliness". After all, the other one is a desert. Maybe not similar level, but closer.
As it stands, Ilmari is very friendly from the environment point of view (you'll want something to drink if you stay and fight, but you have time), while Kur is okay enough for going from here to there, and seems very difficult for hunting/fighting.

Just my first couple councils, as the saying goes.
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First thoughts about Kur 10 months 3 weeks ago #17771

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Hey Dyansha,

Thanks for your write-up. I have to say I recognize quite a few of your observations.
The game seems to end for me after Eltibule and Sun Vale. I have several skills at 60-plus. But my survivalability in Kur is just crap. And the monsters in the desert just destroy me.

I surely hope you will do one for the situation where you are "prepared".

Kind regards Jacky
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