TOPIC: Suggestion/Idea for Guild Website Enhancements

Suggestion/Idea for Guild Website Enhancements 10 months 1 week ago #17916

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Hello all!

I know that guilds are not a primary focus at the moment, but since we're still in alpha, I'd like to put forth a suggestion to be considered to help enhance external guild management and activities. I read in the blogs that you were considering an external chat API. Why not go all the way with that and implement a way to interlink guild/character data with external websites?

The case example that gives me this idea is based on Asheron's Call running Decal and the Meginjarder plugin. The plugin would gather the character's data (online/offline status, level, skills, skill level, etc) and transmit that data to the guild's website. There it could be stored and used for multiple purposes...roster, skill rankings, etc.

I was thinking something similar could be done here, but with an 'in-house' solution. For example, The guildmaster goes into guild settings in his client, flips the enable/disable switch for this option and enters the URL that points to the guild webserver's API (ex. www.guildserver.com/gorgonapi/incomingprocess.php). Now when a member of that guild logs in, their client checks to see if that switch is enabled and transmits a packet (xml?) containing that character's info to the given URL. Then the guild website processes that data to its database for use however they see fit. You could also allow the guildmaster to set the frequency of these updates to something like on login then every 30 minutes or on login/logout only. Using this implementation, the heavy lifting is done by the client and not the server saving bandwidth and process load (game server side).

This could lead to endless possibilities on custom built guild sites and even custom modules for 'cookie cutter' sites like enjin or guildsite. Even special mods/plugins could be made for generic forums like vBulletin and phpbb2.

I would love to continue and discuss more specific ideas with this, but before I get too far into it I would have to ask....is this something worth serious consideration?
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